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  • Ripe Door County Cherries

Take in blossom time, which happens in late Spring - a photographer's delight. Or how about a visit during our late Summer harvest, when a stop at one of our many roadside markets is a must on any visitor's to-do list.

Keep in mind that blossom and harvest times depend very much on the weather and location within the county. We suggest that you contact the Door County Visitor Bureau at (920) 743-4456 for an up to the minute report.

Door County Cherries and Cherry Picking

Cherries are picked and processed right here in Door County to ensure the freshest product possible. Come to a farm market or roadside stand to pick cherries, or buy them ready-picked. One little known fact is that delicious Wisconsin cherries are available year-round in Door County. Most farm markets and processing plants keep supplies of fresh cherries on hand throughout the harvest season. Many also offer year-round availability of canned, dried and frozen cherries as well as cherry juice, jellies, jams and sauces, baked goods and wines.

Cherry Health and Recipes

Nicknamed "America's Super Fruit," cherries are a delicious way to reap the health-promoting properties of antioxidants. Health and nutrition experts say to look no further than fruits grown in American soil for health and wellness benefits.