Door County Cherries

  • Door County, WI Sweet Cherry Tree Blossoms in bloom
  • Blossoms on the Cherry Trees in Door County, WI
  • Door County, WI Cherry Tree Blossoms
  • Door County WI Cherry Trees in Blossom
  • Door County, WI Sweet Cherry Tree Blossoms

2016 Cherry Update

Sweet Cherry Trees are starting to bloom and tart cherry trees will soon follow. We expect the blossom season to last thru June 1, 2016.

Springtime tempatures have finally arrived in Door County, along with some much needed rain showers. With the Cherry Trees approaching the blooming season we know it's the beginning of a fruitful cherry season!

Wishing you and your family a Merry Cherry Christmas from the Wisconsin Cherry Growers. Enjoy some festive cherry pie for your Chistmas dessert and some tart cherry cocktails while making merry!
Click here for a few festive recipes!

Ok folks it Fall Festival week and weekend in Sister Bay. All the following Cherry retailers are open to supply you with cherry products if you are in town. Some of them also ship products.

Cherry Harvest is about 95% done for the County and Pick Your Own is now over. You can still get some Fresh Balaton cherries at local Markets in the area. If your from the Southern part of the State or are still planning a trip down to the Wisconsin State Fair this year you are in luck. Wisconsin Cherry Growers will have a booth in the "Wisconsin Products Pavilion" with products available from the following retailers. Cherryland's Best, The Elegant Farmer, Seaquist Orchards Farm Market and Lautenbach's Orchard Country Winery & Market.

8/04/2015 The Cherry season is beginning to wind down. We expect the harvest to last through this week and into next week. Fresh Cherries are available at most of the markets. Pick Your Own cherries have just about finished everywhere except to the far North of Sturgeon Bay. The two cherry processing plants up North are still working on harvest into next week and the Balaton Tart Cherry is just starting to be harvested. Please remember to make sure you call ahead to the Orchard's to see where they are at in their harvest before you make the trip.

This year's Cherry harvest is expected to last through at least 8/10/2015. While pick-your-own has ended south of Sturgeon Bay there is still plenty available north of Sturgeon Bay. Check out our "Product Map" located on the "Buy Cherry Products" page to find Orchard's north of Sturgeon Bay that have pick-your-own (they are indicated on the map by a red cherry). We suggest you check with them before making the commute on where they are at with their pick-your-own crop.

Wisconsin Cherry Harvest BeginsYes, the Wisconsin Cherry harvest is in full swing. Check out the article posted by the Green Bay Press Gazette.

It's official the 2015 cherry season has begun. Cherries are being shaken and processed today. Pick your owns have started in earnest. Check with each farm because there is a wide difference in ripeness around the county . I would say by 7/24/15 all PYO farms will be open. Enjoy!

Door County's Cherry Orchards are coming along nicely, the cherries are starting to change color as they make their way to harvest. We are expecting roughly a 6-7 million pound crop this year and we are sill expecting to harvest during mid-late July and early August. Harvest times vary based on orchard location. The bayside orchards will typically be ready for harvest sooner than lakeside orchards so keep that in mind when you are looking for cherries this season. Make sure to check back often at our website and Facebook page so you can keep up to date on how the crop is doing!

The Door County cherry crop has finally made an appearance in the orchards and we expect the harvest and pick your own cherries to be ready in mid to late July. Make sure to plan your trip now so you can take part in the annual pick your own tradition in Door County.

The cherry orchards in northern Door County are now in full bloom! We expect it to last one more week before blossom time is over and we start looking forward to the cherry harvest in about 60 days. Get ready for cherry pies and pick your own cherries season!

The cherry orchards in the Southern Door County and Brussels area are now in full bloom! Next up is Sturgeon Bay and Northern Door County. Plan some time to come up and visit the beautiful blooms, eat at some delicious restaurants, and enjoy shopping at the Door County boutiques.

Warm weather has finally arrived in Door County and it feels like spring is here. The additional sunlight will bear healthier fruit buds. All the Cherry growers are preparing their orchards with pruning and fertilizing for the upcoming blooms. Thankfully this winter wasn't nearly as harsh as the winter before, however the end of the winter saw less snowfall and more moisture is needed for an optimal cherry crop. We expect the cherry blossoms to be in full bloom at the end of May (May 20th May 30th) barring any spring frosts so start planning your trip to Door County now!

Door County Cherry Harvest Expectation

The cherry harvest is typically 60 days after full bloom, but this can vary depending on where you are on the peninsula. Our Door County cherry growers are also busy planting one-year-old trees at this time of year and we expect them to be in production within 7 to 8 years from now.

Take in blossom time, which happens in late Spring - a photographer's delight. Or how about a visit during our late Summer harvest, when a stop at one of our many roadside markets is a must on any visitor's to-do list.

Keep in mind that blossom and harvest times depend very much on the weather and location within the county. We suggest that you contact the Door County Visitor Bureau at (920) 743-4456 for an up to the minute report.

Door County Cherries and Cherry Picking

Cherries are picked and processed right here in Door County to ensure the freshest product possible. Come to a farm market or roadside stand to pick cherries, or buy them ready-picked. One little known fact is that delicious Wisconsin cherries are available year-round in Door County. Most farm markets and processing plants keep supplies of fresh cherries on hand throughout the harvest season. Many also offer year-round availability of canned, dried and frozen cherries as well as cherry juice, jellies, jams and sauces, baked goods and wines.

Cherry Health and Recipes

Nicknamed "America's Super Fruit," cherries are a delicious way to reap the health-promoting properties of antioxidants. Health and nutrition experts say to look no further than fruits grown in American soil for health and wellness benefits.